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BSCI factory consulting how to do a good job in the work of rectifying equipment

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BSCI factory consulting how to do a good job in the work of rectifying equipment

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How to do a good job in the BSCI factory certification of the work of the fixture, in simple terms, is to reduce the walking around, reduce the search, easy to take easy to put is the tool to rectify and improve the efficiency of the direction. Below we have a detailed understanding of how to do a good job of BSCI factory certification work of the rectification work?

First, fixture and other frequently used items rectification

BSCI factory certification requirements should be paid attention to and comply with the use of the "immediate access", the use of "immediately homing" principle.

1, should be fully considered as far as possible to reduce the type and number of tools, the use of oil pressure, magnetic, and so on to replace the screws, the use of standard parts, the screws will be a total of Tonghua, in order to use the same tool.

For example: the use of wrench wrench nut can be changed into the hands of the twisted handle it can save the tool. Or think if they can change into a variety of tools compatible with nut, even if the main tool suddenly broken, can also be used to temporarily use another tool; or the nut is unified, just a tool on it.

2, BSCI factory certification requirements can be considered to be placed in the nearest place of the workplace, avoid taking and homing too much walking and bending.

3, in the "take" and "homing", we must pay special attention to the homing".

Need to continue to take, the homing tool, it is best to use hanging or placed in the hands of the maximum limit of expansion. The use of plug-in or hanging in the return of the original, but also to try to make the shortest distance, convenient and safe hanging.

4, BSCI factory certification requirements to make the tool accurately return to the original, it is best to copy map, color, special mark, embedded concave die positioning method.

Second, BSCI factory certification on the cutting tool class

Such tools need to be reused, and easy to damage when moving, should be particularly careful when rectifying:

1, often used, should be saved by individuals; not commonly used, as far as possible to reduce the number of general good. First determine the minimum number of necessary, the redundant collection of centralized management.

2, the blade is the life of the tool, so in the store to the same direction, in the direction of the front and rear is appropriate, it is best to use the custody of the grid or wave board storage, and avoid piling.

3, for a piece of the saw blade cutter can be divided into types, size and use of stack up, and outlined the features, easy to homing.

4, a branch or the tool can use method of socket type, like the bees nest, in which each tool are respectively inserted into and adapt the size of the hole, this can be the protection of the blade, and save storage space, and will not be misplaced.

5, pay attention to rust, drawer or container bottom layer of oil on the easy to spread flannel.

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