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Disney factory Disney certification and factory can ship the relationship

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Disney factory Disney certification and factory can ship the relationship

Release date:2017-03-27 00:00 Source:http://www.mgsa8000.com Click:

In the factory consulting industry for many years, met a lot of factory inspection problems and unexpected situation. Recently, there is always a call to consult the factory, it seems very anxious, saying that their Disney products were seized at the customs, and the reason for being detained is not authorized to obtain Disney. Would like to know if this situation should be how to do?

The occurrence of such a situation is a reflection of weak factory inspection. A lot of domestic trading companies and factories to domestic factories or companies that trade order is basically the following Disney licensees, factories do not need to go to the authority of the Disney, it ignores the Disney factory to. Therefore, when the product through the customs, the customs did not see the written Disney issued by FAMA, the product will be suspected without the permission of the customer's counterfeit products, will involve the issue of trademark infringement. Will also be seized, resulting in the above situation.

Of course, the vast majority of foreign licensees this process is very familiar with, found in the factory, will ask the factory of ILS factory, ILS factory through the audit, ILS audit report submitted to the Disney for Disney, issued by the FAMA (factory production license written authorization). In this document, there will be some information about the authorized and authorized production plant. Disney FAMA after getting ready to arrange production.

However, for a few licensees, especially in the domestic business to Disney domestic trade companies, paid no attention or ignore the importance of Disney FAMA, the first single product, or later go through the Disney FAMA, or simply do not have the shipment, resulting in products at the customs when the above similar problems, loss heavy.

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