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BSCI audit time is about to shorten

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BSCI audit time is about to shorten

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As the world's largest certified manufacturer of BSCI, its every move undoubtedly affects the hearts of many factories. Recently, BSCI continuous adjustment in its audit methods. Many have been BSCI certification and must be subject to annual review, or about to apply for BSCI certification of the factory, if you do not understand these adjustments, the factory will be greatly affected by the preparation. Take a look back at this period of time BSCI adjustment, and explain in detail the contents of the adjustment:

By the end of 2016, BSCI announced that its audit approach since January 14, 2017, the default is semi notice audit, and a detailed description of its audit cycle for 4 weeks +4 weeks. Generally speaking, from the beginning of the application audit, the audit company will have 4 weeks to review the plan, which is also the preparation of the factory for 4 weeks. From the beginning of fifth weeks to the end of the eighth week, then the assault period, that is, the audit will be in this period of time, do not inform the factory specific time, directly to the factory for review!

Is there any exception? Yes! As long as the final customer in the RSP approval, the manual change to "notice audit", the audit company will inform the factory which day will go to the factory audit! This difficulty is not tiny but adventitious quantity decreased! End customers can also change the 4 week assault window, such as a change of 2 weeks.

Reminder: if there is a good customer relationship, customer requirements in the BSCI factory inspection, remember to communicate with customers, is not authorized in the RSP when the choice of notification audit!

Recently, BSCI official also issued a notice, since March 3, 2017, the company's audit plan to shorten the time for 2 weeks, while the assault time is still unchanged for 4 weeks. In other words, since the beginning of the application approval, the factory will be only 2 weeks to prepare for the inspection plant, and from the beginning of the third week, to the Zhou Jie sixth Su, the assault period!

You can still manually change the final customer notification to the notification audit or change the RSP!

Reminder: if the factory is not ready, do not let the customer authorized RSP, once authorized, the factory will only have 2 weeks to prepare time!

The form of the BSCI audit is changed from a notice to a semi - circular, which shows that the requirements of the interested parties to the factory are gradually increasing.

It is also the buyer to improve the management requirements of the factory, is no longer just the pursuit of a paper report, and advocate the real improvement of the factory!

Therefore, standardized management, real improvement is the inevitable trend of the future!

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