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Is it a good thing for WAL-MART to accept eight standards?

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Is it a good thing for WAL-MART to accept eight standards?

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Recently, WAL-MART accepted the news of the eight standard brush over the circle of friends! For the majority of Woermayan factory prohibitive manufacturers, a WAL-MART quickly into the supply chain system the opportunity to put in front of! For the eight standard certificate and has not yet been Woermayan plant manufacturers, WAL-MART into the supply chain system seems to be an easy job to do so.

However, is this really the case?

For you to understand WAL-MART to accept the news of the eight standards, for you to change the results of WAL-MART and the results of their own response plan to provide a clearer judgment.

Of course, we must understand the situation of the eight standards accepted by WAL-MART:



BSCI is currently the most widely recognized standards in Europe and the United States, the domestic manufacturers to obtain BSCI certificate is the most.

The result of BSCI inspection is divided into five grades:

A - excellent B - good C - acceptable D - less than E - unacceptable.

At present, the factory has been the results of the test plant is generally C, B level is relatively rare, a rare class. BSCI because of its universality, through its factory more factories, so WAL-MART will have a lot of choices.

But the supplier demand overall WAL-MART and not much growth, so the threshold into the factory although many, also result in the selection, may be in the price / quality / grade and factory inspection to take into consideration in selecting suppliers.

In this proposal, because the C level too much, and strive to be able to stand out B.

BSCI authorized audit body is an international authority:


So far, WAL-MART should not only accept some of the audit company audit BSCI, should be fully accepted.

Special attention, from 2017 onwards for the surprise BSCI audit, whether it is the trial or the annual review of the factory, should pay attention to this change.



SEDEX is essentially a data platform, the platform contains a detailed report of the SEDEX factory test data. SEDEX members can see the vendor's detailed factory report data from the platform.

Factory inspection report SEDEX of each problem are divided into Desk Top and Follow Up two, the requirements of different membership is not the same, so there is no strict sense of a statement but, or to see a specific customer judgment.

WAL-MART to accept SEDEX, there are bound to have the details of the criteria for judging which items can not be Follow Up, which can not even Desk Top.

So far, WAL-MART can not judge the details of the SEDEX inside the judgment of the way, it can only be said that as little as possible, in particular, can not appear in the original WAL-MART standards in particular attention to the problem.

In addition, SEDEX authorized audit institutions are more likely not to be able to get WAL-MART's identity, a larger international authority certification bodies will be more favorable, such as the four major notary public.



A lot of people will be mistaken for clothing and footwear WRAP global social responsibility system. The official Production on its correct comment is: Worldwide Responsible Accredited global social responsibility certification system WRAP.

Therefore, we can see that WRAP is not only limited to the textile and garment industry, hardware, electronics and other aspects can be certified.

Also, note that WRAP is the standard of the United states! Compared with WAL-MART will be closer to a little more, but also refer to.

WRAP certificate points: platinum, gold, silver grade three levels. Of course, in principle, the higher the better, but with other standards, the lower level is more difficult, most of the WRAP certification of the factory to obtain the certificate is silver.

WRAP standards are required to be transparent, and to continue to improve, relatively good faith and willing to work hard to take responsibility for the factory will be easier to get WRAP certificate. The WRAP recognized in China's audit institutions are more advocating honest real audit institutions.

As the U.S. standard, WRAP is bound to rely on its geographical advantages, in the event of WAL-MART to accept the eight standards, access to more recognition and development.



EICC is more contact with electronic products, of course, can not say that the EICC standard only for the electronics industry. The update of the EICC standard, more to increase the universality of the content, let us see the convergence of the standard side of the situation. Can not be said for a few years, many of the standards are basically the same content, then the standard can follow the degree and the implementation of the inevitable will come up.



SA8000 standards are applicable to companies from all over the world, in any industry, with different sizes. According to the ISO9000 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system, it is a set of international standards which can be examined by the third party certification body, which is a universal standard.

SA8000 certification plant in China is not much, may also have a great relationship with its late. However, I have to say, SA8000 is indeed a textbook meaning standards, access to its certification is rare.

The SA8000 certificate is granted only to the approved plant and has a semi annual review of the requirements.




Toy industry standards, the content of this standard is very good, but its implementation in the entire audit session was criticized.

WAL-MART accept the status of the eight standards, there is no doubt that the world has a greater role in promoting the integration of a variety of standards. After all, many factories in China is not only faced with a brand, and different brands of different standards, the situation is indeed a variety of standards are detrimental to the floor.

However, things tend to develop in the right direction in the twists and turns, the problem of too many standards, but also with the development of the times, to meet the needs of the times to solve the problem. Let's wait and see!

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