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The best choice under the new economic situation in 2017

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The best choice under the new economic situation in 2017

Release date:2017-03-27 00:00 Source:http://www.mgsa8000.com Click:

The impact of China's manufacturing industry in 2017:

Trump office, a British exit.

Reverse globalization!!

Severe trade barriers!!

2017 - who will be eliminated?

Foreign trade orders will be sharply reduced,

Who will be left to order?

Key criteria for supplier selection - factory inspection

When the order of the brand must be more than a lot of factories to cooperate with the inspection plant often take a closed eyes to open the eyes of the attitude to perform.

When the order of the brand is limited, it is more likely to focus on the order to a more excellent factory, as far as possible to reduce the risk from all aspects.

Inspection requirements, will only be higher!

Standard implementation will only be more stringent!

Increasingly stringent transparent audit, increasingly perfect surprise inspection plant, tell us:

In order to be more stable than competitors in 2017, the management system must be established!

Case inspection service,

Not only help you through the annual inspection plant,

More for you to establish a sound management system,

Let your management, really stand the test!

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