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Enterprises to cope with the foreign trade of the most likely to make mistakes

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Enterprises to cope with the foreign trade of the most likely to make mistakes

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As the guidance of nearly ten thousand enterprises experienced inspection team, often find a lot of foreign trade enterprises in the presence of a lot of misunderstanding of the customer inspection plant, is to do a detailed explanation is as follows:

Error 1: inspection plant is the following things, management does not attach importance to

Many factories have such a problem, the customer does not pay attention to the factory before the boss, do not care, do not care, the results of the audit after the test plant is not good, the boss of the person in charge to blame or even fired. In fact, the factory needs to cooperate with all the staff, management does not pay attention to do not speak, not fully authorized, the project leader how to push. For example, many middle managers have encountered such a situation, arrange the work of various departments to cooperate, for various reasons, such as the reason to hurry to avoid shipping and other reasons, the final inspection of the factory into a few things. Management attaches great importance to the maximum protection of the factory.

Misunderstanding 2: that the customer.

Many of the initial contact with the factory, I think it is completely understandable, you buy products to me, as long as the qualified products can be delivered to you on schedule, why should I manage my business is how. This is the concept of Chinese and foreign enterprise management is very different performance. For example, quality and technical inspection plant, there is no a good management system and processes, it is difficult to ensure the quality and delivery of products. Process results. It is very difficult for a management company to convince customers that it is possible to stabilize the production of qualified products and to ensure the delivery time.

Social responsibility factory is out of the pressure of domestic non-governmental organizations and public opinion, the requirements of the factory is to avoid risks. The United States is also a customer led anti-terrorism factory for domestic customs and government anti-terrorism pressure. In contrast, the quality of technical inspection is the most concerned about the customer. Step back, since it is the customer set the rules of the game, as a business you can not change the rules of the game, then you have to adapt to the requirements of customers, otherwise you will give up the export orders.

Error 3: think the factory is engaged in the relationship through

A lot of business owners do not know the way of doing things in China, that the test plant is just a walk through the relationship is good. In fact, inspection, must be in need of enterprises related improvement, the auditor does not have the capability to describe a business in a complete mess into a flower, after all, the auditor needs to copy the files back to the camera, and other evidence for future reference, on the other hand, the audit structure are also machine many foreign companies, relatively strict management. More and more stress and implement the policy, the more and more supervision and inspection. If there is a factory dare to put pressure on the pure engage in the relationship and not the actual improvement, then in the face of a variety of inspection plant, one day will be hit. Through the inspection, we must make up our minds to improve.

Myth 4: think their hardware will be able to pass a good factory

Many companies often say, next to the enterprise who is worse than them, they can pass the factory, that he must be able to pass. In fact, a lot of content related to the factory, the hardware is only one aspect, there are a lot of software can not see, the final results of the test plant.

Myth 5: think their house is not good enough to pass the factory

The factory is also made the mistake, in fact as long as the enterprise hardware does not exist flawed, such as big problems existing in the structure of the house, and did not change, or the hardware is not good business but also can through the rectification through the factory inspection.

Misunderstanding 6: think for themselves is too high to be reached through the factory inspection

Many foreign trade enterprises are originated in the family workshop, management confusion, even if the new move into the plant also feel their business management is a mess. In fact, these enterprises do not have to reject the audit, improperly belittle oneself, hardware conditions after as long as the management is determined enough, may well change the enterprise management status, in the short term to improve the management, the final factory inspection by various customers. In our coaching clients, there are too many such cases, many enterprises sigh actually spend less time is not long, but their own businesses feel completely in the class, as the boss is confident to lead their traders and foreign customers to visit our company.

Error 7: that the factory is too tired to refuse the customer inspection plant requirements

In fact, the United States and Europe are currently exported to the market basically have to contact the factory, refused to inspect the plant in a way is to reject orders and refuse to better development. Many enterprises to find us, before each trader and requirements of foreign customers factory inspection, they are refused, but a few years down and found that their orders less profits increasingly thin, and the surrounding was the same level of the enterprise due to frequent inspection results of a few years rapid development. A never experienced factory, he may be the other through the factory inspection companies secretly subcontract down orders, they like submarines, never seen on the customer side, end customers never know the existence of this enterprise. This enterprise living space will become increasingly smaller, because many large customers strictly prohibited unauthorized subcontracting, so they received orders for the possibility of more and more small, on the other hand, even in a sneaky way do subcontracting orders without permission, have very low profits more micro bo. And such orders are very unstable, the home can always find a better price and replaced the factory.

Error 8: opportunistic, fraud

Many companies mentioned a factory, do not want to

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