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WAL-MART ES latest standard does not accept and accept on-site rectification

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WAL-MART ES latest standard does not accept and accept on-site rectification

Release date:2017-03-27 00:00 Source:http://www.mgsa8000.com Click:

First, do not accept the site improvement and interpretation of the problem points:

In fact, WAL-MART tightened standards, also exposed a lot of problems, such as too harsh, found that most of the factories are unable to do so, or some fundamental requirements is not enforceable, or does not have the rationality, these problems by Wal-mart's own continuous adjustment of the standard view of one or two. In the new standard, WAL-MART enterprise management consciousness highlights the importance, that human factors and management is a potential high risk, therefore, many problems do not accept on-site improvement, and will cause the orange light:

1 field aspects:

The 1.1 channel is blocked: lead to orange lamp, and do not accept on-site improvement, factory interpretation will not affect the results of the decision, the following analysis will not be effective:

Temporary staff placement;

The staff did not follow the requirements placed goods led to channel blocked;

We'll be moving soon;

2 fire protection facilities:

Fire facilities are not configured: This is actually a matter of management, or simply do not respect the standard problem:

The number of fire extinguisher is not complete, there is no fire hydrant, hydrant water pressure is not enough, etc..

The two part of the problem, the auditor found at the scene, before leaving the factory in the rectification is completed, will be accepted, or will not lead to the orange light, considered from the perspective of WAL-MART is the size of the risk, the actual situation and reality, such as emergency lights, as electronic products, even if the check every day, you have 100% the guarantee to ensure that point in time the auditor checks, all emergency lights are effective, invalid, this product function itself is reasonable, it is a common phenomenon.

Details are as follows, but in particular, WAL-MART standard changes quickly, pay attention to real-time updates:

Since the beginning of 2016, WAL-MART clearly announced the following points can accept the factory site rectification.

Note: ninth points for fire related issues, for reference!

1) Walmart Standards: WAL-MART standard

L Not posted; not posted

L Not in local language non native language post up posted

2 Spill Material /Secondary Containment (110%): level two protective measures (Response)

L Not present; no

L Inappropriate is not suitable

3) None or insufficient/improper: no or inadequate / inappropriate

L MSDS; material safety data sheet

L Hazardous signing; dangerous goods logo

L Labeling/inventory. tags / inventory

4) Working areas: working area

L Present hazard (Fall, Hole, Etc.) security risks (items slipped, holes, etc.) (safely)

5 (First) Aid box supplies: emergency kit

L Not sufficient. deficiency

6) Waste containers: waste bin

L Not identified; not specified

L Labeled type and hazard by category risk level distribution marker by

7) Drainage system: drainage system

L No clear layout layout is not obvious

8) Machine Safely: machine security

L No of machine instructions inlocal safely posting language

No machine safety instructions indicated in local language

9) Evacuation plan: emergency evacuation plan

L Is not present; no

L Does have "YOU ARE HERE" mark; no "you are here" logo

L Does match facility layout; does not conform to the actual layout of the plant in

L Is in language by majority ofemployees. is not the language used by most employees in spoken

10 (The) facility evacuation plan: emergency evacuation plan

L Is posted in required areas; not posted in compliance with the requirements of the region of legally (not)

L Is posted in production area; not posted in each production area of every; not

L Is posted in high-concentration areas; not posted in areas with high personnel density (not)

L Is posted near to stairwells. is not posted near the exit or near the stairs in the not entrances

11) very few fire facilities fail:

11.1) emergency lights or safety evacuation signs or exit signs are very ineffective, and the site can be improved immediately.

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