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Inspection plant on the day notice

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Inspection plant on the day notice

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Factory for the importance of the factory is self-evident, how to get more customer orders through the factory? According to the consultant teacher in the audit accompanied by the inspection of the factory when the factory inspection notes to hope to help the factory through the factory.

The factory is responsible for factory inspection accompanied by people for a clean and convenient office work once again take the initiative to contact the auditor, the auditor shuttle, this allows the auditor to leave a good impression, then when the auditor to the factory when you can prepare some fruit beverage factories to embody refined and courteous to noon if auditors; the factory take the initiative to invite the auditor to eat outside, reflects the importance of the auditor; if the auditor is not willing to eat together, the factory is responsible for factory inspection accompanied by people can go out and buy some delicious meals; responsible person must go to the factory to check the site and documents in the factory the factory, just in case of error; when providing information not necessary to the auditor to document the one-time provision to him, you can take part to the auditor at.

In the audit if the auditor found some problems. Most people will be very nervous, but Shanghai supernettting consultant teacher is very calm and think of some ways to remedy.

If the workshop has some problems, can let the factory arrange personnel immediately to do, such as the lack of emergency lights, lack of fire extinguishers, channel is blocked, the machine without protective cover and other issues, in the audit personnel must leave before rectification good.

If it is the lack of wages, then immediately made a factory payroll, cash can be sent to the workers on the spot, or in the form of bank transfer to the workers, but the bank transfer records to the factory to fax them to view.

If the electronic attendance, leakage phenomenon (punch can be said to be the factory power, or attendance machine maintenance), immediately fill the whole event, the day after a detailed description, tracing the responsibility to ensure that such errors will not appear next time.

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