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An example of FCCA quality inspection plant

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An example of FCCA quality inspection plant

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An example of FCCA quality inspection plant:

1 adequate lighting in the production, repair, finished goods, inspection, packaging and loading workshop.

2 in the production, finished products and packaging workshop, FCCA quality inspection plant requires the equipment to be kept clean and tidy,

3 tools and equipment, such as a separate calibration area, equipped with calibration work table, and appropriate ventilation conditions

4 must have a written record of hazardous / moldy and moist management of equipment and equipment, as well as regular inspection records.

5 can not find a broken window and roof leakage, etc..

6 must have a needle detector

7 the factory must strictly implement the management procedures to prevent scissors, knives, blades, broken glass and broken needles mixed in the product. (very important!)

8 the factory has a spare power supply equipment: generators, etc..

FCCA quality inspection plant scoring item:

1 plant facilities and environment

2 quality management system

3 feed control

4 process and production control

5 internal laboratory testing

6 final inspection

7 human resources and training

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