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1) Walmart Standards:沃尔玛标准
Not posted;未张贴
Not posted in local language非本地语言张贴

2) Spill Response Material / Secondary Containment (110%):二级防护措施
Not present;没有

3) None or insufficient/improper:没有或者不足/不适宜
Hazardous signing;危险物品标志
Labeling / inventory.标签/库存

4) Working areas:工作区域
Present safety hazard (Fall, Hole, Etc.)安全隐患(物品滑落,洞,等等)

5)First Aid box supplies:急救箱
Not sufficient.不足

6) Waste containers废物箱
Not identified;没有注明
Labeled by type and hazard按类别的危险级别分部标记

7) Drainage system:排水系统
No clear layout布局不明显

8) Machine Safety:机器安全
No posting of machine safety instructions in local language没有张贴用当地语言表示的机器安全指示

9) Evacuation plan:紧急疏散计划
Is not present;没有
Does not have "YOU ARE HERE" mark;没有 “你在这里“的标识
Does not match facility layout;不符合工厂实际布局
Is not in language spoken by majority of employees.不是大部分员工使用的语言

10) The facility evacuation plan:紧急疏散计划
 Is not posted in legally required areas;未张贴在符合规定的区域
Is not posted in every production area;未张贴在每一个生产区域
Is not posted in high-concentration areas;张贴在人员密度高的区域
Is not posted near entrances to stairwells.未张贴在出口或者楼梯口附近

11)Emergency exit routes:紧急出口路线
Are not marked with directional signs;没有指示标志做标记
Are not lit.不亮

12)mergency Exits:紧急出口
Are not designated as emergency exits;未指明为紧急出口
Do not have illuminated “EXIT” signs;无带电的“出口”标记
Do not have an “EXIT” sign in a language spoken by majority of employees.“出口”标记不是大部分员工使用的语言

13)Facility emergency exit doors:工厂紧急出口门
Do not have a landing with at least 1 meter (3 feet) before beginning of first step.没有距离第一个阶梯1米(3英尺)的楼梯平台(缓冲带)

14)Facility emergency fire alarms:工厂紧急火灾警报器
Have error indicators on the fire alarm control panel.消防警报器控制板上错误的指导

15)Facility emergency fire alarms:警铃
Are not audible;听不到警铃
Do not have beacon or flashing lights in high-noise areas.噪音大的区域未安装信号灯和闪光式警铃

16)Facility emergency fire alarms:警铃
Are not connected to a secondary power source.未连接备用电源

17)Emergency exit lights:应急灯
Are not connected to a secondary power source.未连接备用电源

18)Facility emergency exit doors:紧急出口门
Are not side-hinged doors;不是侧铰链门
Do not open in the direction of travel with a single motion;不能一个动作向逃生方向开启
Do not close automatically when leading to a staircase;当推开至楼梯时不能自动关闭

19)Emergency assembly areas:工厂紧急集合区域
Are not designated on evacuation plan;未在疏散计划图上有指明
Are not located along each fire escape route.并非每个逃生路径均可前往

20)Fire extinguishers:灭火器
Are not present on every floor of the facility;不能覆盖工厂的每一层
Are not present in every production area;不能覆盖工厂每个区域
Are not present in areas where there is storage of materials labeled as flammable. 不能覆盖储存易燃物品的区域

21)Fire Extinguishers:灭火器
Are not mounted;未离地放置
Are mounted above 1.5 meters (5 feet) from ground to top of fire extinguisher.灭火器顶部距离大于1.5米

22)Fire Extinguishers:灭火器
Are overcharged;压力过大
Are undercharged.压力不足

23)Materials labeled as hazardous, combustible, or flammable:危险物品、可燃或易燃物品
Are not stored in containers labeled as anti-static;未存放在标识了防静电的容器内
Are not grounded.未接地

24)Electrical wiring:电线
Is damaged or exposed; 是损坏的或者暴露的
Is connected through extension cords通过延长线连接